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The Third Round of French Elections (Engelstalig)

On June 12 and 19, the French will go to the ballot boxes for the legislative elections. Polls indicate that Macron’s center coalition is set to win a majority, but this is far from certain. If he isn’t able to secure a majority, his hands will be tied to a significant extent.


Re-appraising Eurozone inflation (Engelstalig)

Another revision to our Eurozone forecast brings into question the timing of peak inflation and how fast it will decline afterwards. Commodities and supply chains cannot fully explain recent inflation surprises, suggesting that some of this may be structural.

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France: A Second Term for Macron (Engelstalig)

Macron has won a second term as president of France. His first term was quite successful from an economic point of view and he is likely to push on with his reform agenda. The degree to which he is able to do so, is dependent on the outcome of the legislative elections in June.


Inflatiemonitor - mei 2022

Inflatie is terug van weg geweest en domineert momenteel het economische nieuws. Een sterke stijging van het algemene prijspeil kan de koopkracht van huishoudens uithollen en de winsten van bedrijven aantasten. In deze maandelijkse inflatiemonitor voor de Nederlandse economie geven we duiding aan de inflatiecijfers en presenteren we onze inflatieverwachtingen.