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Carlijn Prins


Carlijn Prins werkt als econoom bij RaboResearch Nederland.

Zij houdt zich bezig met zowel de conjuncturele als de structurele ontwikkeling van de Nederlandse economie.

Carlijn werkt sinds maart 2014 bij het economische bureau van de Rabobank. Ze studeerde Economie en Communicatiewetenschappen aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam.

Publicaties Carlijn Prins

Themabericht Engelstalige versie

Handel met het VK wordt lastiger en duurder

Wij voorzien twee realistische onderhandelingsuitkomsten tussen het VK en de EU: een bilateraal handelsverdrag of geen verdrag. In beide uitkomsten kunnen Nederlandse bedrijven die zaken doen met het VK te maken krijgen met meer handelsbelemmeringen.


UK election result: DUP saving the May day? (Engelstalig)

Theresa May wanted to exploit her enormous lead in the polls to strengthen her Brexit mandate, but this gamble has now backfired. The Conservatives lost their majority in the House of Commons, an arrangement with DUP is now a plausible scenario.


United Kingdom: May's Way or the Highway (Engelstalig)

At the moment PM May called for snap elections, the Tories’ had a large lead in the polls. However, the gap with Labour has narrowed over the last few weeks. If the Tories lose their majority, this could have implications for the Brexit outcome.

Economisch commentaar

Orderly Brexit more likely due to snap elections (Engelstalig)

British Prime Minister Theresa May has called for snap elections to be held on 8 June. A victory for Ms. May seems likely at the moment, which would strengthen her Brexit mandate domestically, and her negotiation position with the EU.


The Brexit starting shot has sounded (Engelstalig)

Brexit has officially started since British Prime Minister Theresa May invoked Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon. The negotiations will be complex, difficult and time consuming and we foresee various roadblocks in the Brexit process.


The (potential) impact of Trump on Asia Pacific (Engelstalig)

Trump’s policy regarding Asia presents a downside risk for APAC’s economy and security situation. If the US increase trade barriers, this is expected to have major implications for the region. Even more so if there would be protectionist retaliations.


Will China be the world's new growth catalyst? (Engelstalig)

China can move up to the center stage of the global economy, if it succeeds in fostering innovation, human capital and the quality of institutions. The economic gains could be as high as USD 6.5 trn of additional value added in 2025, which is equivalent to one-third of US GDP.