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Which jobs are vulnerable in the six-foot economy? (Engelstalig)

The United States might be stuck with a so-called ‘six-foot economy’ for a considerable period of time in order to prevent a re-emergence of the COVID-19 virus. Our main finding is that 23% of all US jobs might face problems to adapt to such an economy. Occupations in healthcare (60% vulnerable jobs), air transport (59%) and the hospitality sector (49%) are especially vulnerable.


Coronacrisis speelt de energietransitie parten

Op basis van 'early warning'-indicatoren verwachten we een negatieve impact van de coronacrisis op de energietransitie. Het is belangrijk dat de overheid gericht en consistent beleid uitvoert om de negatieve effecten te dempen.


The shape of India’s exit from the COVID-19 crisis (Engelstalig)

We expect the COVID-19 crisis to cost each Indian between INR 8,000 to 16,000 in 2025 of missed economic growth compared to a benchmark scenario of no pandemic, depending on the shape of the recovery. However, if the USD 270bn recent stimulus package addresses India’s structural weakness and is properly executed, India’s economy could even emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis.