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Kwartaalbericht Woningmarkt

Management Summary Kwartaalbericht Woningmarkt

Het jaar is slecht begonnen voor de markt van bestaande koopwoningen. In het eerste kwartaal van 2012 daalden de prijzen en werden er minder woningen verkocht. Dit beeld zal de komende kwartalen ongeveer hetzelfde blijven.


Brazil (country report) (Engelstalig)

After posting 7.5% economic growth in 2010, the highest growth rate in 24 years, we expect the economy to grow at a slower pace in 2011. This is welcome, as inflation has been approaching the upper bound of the target range.


Australia (Country report) (Engelstalig)

The Australian economy has weathered the global financial and economic crisis relatively well and the deterioration in the public budget balance is easily accommodated by the low sovereign debt level.


Greece (Country report) (Engelstalig)

The Greek austerity and reform programme has been broadly successful in making a running start in 2010. For 2011 the programme is at a cross-roads as the distance yet to cover remains impressive, in terms of both budgetary consolidation and structural reforms.


Finland (Country report) (Engelstalig)

Based on the stronger than expected economic recovery in 2010 and on the current robust momentum, we are fairly optimistic about the Finnish growth prospects for the coming years.


Belgium (Country report) (Engelstalig)

The ongoing political stalemate poses a threat to the necessary structural adjustments of the government budget. We don’t expect a satisfying level of budgetary adjustments in the short term and are unsure about the resulting sentiment in financial markets.


France (Country report) (Engelstalig)

The French economy recovers gradually and the outlook for the coming years is that the economy will stick to this path of moderate economic growth.


Switzerland (Country report) (Engelstalig)

The Swiss economy is on the path to recovery owing to expansionary monetary and fiscal policies combined with a quick rebound in world trade. That said, a further strengthening of the Swiss franc can pose significant challenges for exporters and monetary policymakers alike.